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My name is Eyal Gary, I grew up in a Moshav (agricultural town) in the center of Israel and today I live in Kibbutz Dafna on the foot hills of the Hermon Mountain. 

The love for nature and the outdoors were always a big part of my life and I am very fortunate to have made it my profession.

I began my way as a nature guide at the youth movement of the SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) Were I learned truly how to hike and to feel at home in the wilderness.

After that meaningful experience it was only natural to move to the next stage which was a two and a half year Tour Guiding course, during that time I started to lead ecology and sustainability programs. 

On a personal level I would like to share that art was always a big part of my life, rocks and stones intrigued me so I started to sculpt them. Later on when I began to learn more about Geology I discovered a whole new world full of stories and secrets. How rocks are literally the foundation of life on this planet and how their characteristics effect vegetation, animals and humans all over the world.

My belief is that when you feel the earth with your feet and work in it with your hands it’s the best way to connect to nature and to truly value it's beauty and complexity and maybe in turn can cause a better appreciation of ones self..

I implement my core beliefs through the workshops and treks I lead and I invite you to join me-

to feel the soil

smell the plants

hear the story

and always remember

that the goal

is not the destination but the journey


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