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                                  nature and survaivel skills



In the workshop we will learn skills like: Navigation, topography analysis, camouflage, water purifying, tracking, utilizing local plants,  fire and much more. 

Most importantly we will learn to feel comfortable in the wilderness. 


my workshops are Intended for youth and adults. 

The workshop takes place during a 3 day trek out in the wilderness. We carry all we need on our backs (Water, food and more) and hike though breath taking scenery.                

 The workshop has both a theoretical and practical aspect to it; I believe that each participant should become familiar with the tools and technics that are essential for the outdoors. We will learn to build a campground, prepare meals from what nature has to offer us and work as a team.  

the workshop can turn out to be a great tool to strengthen both the physical and mental aspects of once self. The experience is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, enjoy creative thinking and prove to yourself that nature is great platform that can enable almost anything.    



Ecological landscaping

The goal of this workshop is to offer a different perspective on what we call gardening

During the workshop we will focus on: water efficiency, optimal ground usage, avoiding pesticides, we will learn about the characters of each type of soil in order to create a garden that is beautiful, natural and sustainable.   

This activity allows you to get a practical introduction to the world of ecology and gardening, a skill you can take back home and develop as you wish.

The time of the workshop is flexible according to your needs. The duration can start at 2 hours and go up to a whole day depending on your needs and size of garden.

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